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2002 Conference
Vienna, Nov. 8-10

Conference Program


 Conference venue:

Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik

UniCampus AAKH, Hof 8

1090 Wien


Friday, November 8, 2002

14:00 –            Registration (Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, 1st floor)

16:00               AAAS Board Meeting (room 1)

17:00              Conference Opening (Unterrichtsraum)

Arthur Mettinger (Vicepresident of the University of Vienna); Nikolaus Ritt (Chair of the Dept. of English and American Studies; Wolfgang Schmale (Dept. of History); Astrid M. Fellner (Secretary of AAAS)

18:00-19.30    Keynote lectures (Unterrichtsraum)

Chair: Michael Draxlbauer

18:00-18:45     Oliver RATHKOLB (U of Vienna)

“Pre-1945 Roots of Anti-Americanism in Post World War II Austria

18:45-19:30     Paul LAUTER (Trinity College, USA)

                        "Is American Studies Anti-American?"

20:00               Reception at Amerika Haus, hosted by John A. Quintus (American Embassy)


Saturday, November 9, 2002

9:00-10.30      Keynote Lectures (Unterrichtsraum)

                        Chair: Astrid M. Fellner

9:00-9:45         Timothy CONLEY (Bradley U, USA)

                        "Ante-Americanisms: Friendly Critiques of the Emerging Nation"

9:45-10:30       Vincent KLING (La Salle U, USA)

“American Empire: The United States and Austrian Writers of the Twentieth Century”

10:30-11:00     Coffee Break

11:00-12.30    Keynote Lectures (Unterrichtsraum)

Chair: Fritz Fellner

11:00-11:45     Thomas FRÖSCHL (U of Vienna):

“Historical Dimensions of European Anti-Americanism: the 18th and 19th Centuries”

11:45-12:30     Günter BISCHOF (U of New Orleans, USA)

Is There a Specific Austrian Anti-Americanism after World War II?

12:30-14:00     Lunch

14:00-16:00     Graduate Student Forum

16:00-16:15     Coffee Break

16:15-17:45     Parallel Workshop Sessions – I, II, III

18:00-19:30     PANEL DISCUSSION “Anti-Americanism in Austria”

Chair: John A. Quintus

Participants: Eugen Freund (ORF), Livia Klingl (Kurier)

20:00               Heuriger


Sunday, November 10, 2002

9:00-10:30       Parallel Workshop Sessions – IV, V, VI

10:30-10:45     Coffee Break

10:45-12:30     AAAS General Meeting

12:30-12:45     Conference Closing

13:00               Board Meeting and Lunch




Workshop I: (Anti-)Americanisms in Literature

Paul Crumbley, Utah State University

“The ‘Purple Democrat’: Emily Dickinson and the Sovereignty of Democratic Consent”

Verena Klein, University of Innsbruck

“Anti-Americanisms in Contemporary Canadian Fiction”


Workshop II: (Anti-)Americanisms and History

Christoph Schmetterer, University of Vienna

“Monarchy and Republic - Austria and the United States, 19th Century”

Roman Puff, University of Vienna

“‘Again and Ever I Thank Heaven for the Atlantic Ocean’: Anti-Americanism in Austria-Hungary during World War I ”

Franz Mathis, University of Innsbruck

“Poverty and Wealth: Reasons for Anti-Americanism in the Third World”


Workshop III: (Anti-)Americanisms and the Body

Greta Olson, University of Freiburg

“Inarticulate, Violent, White, American Men”

Louis Kern, Hofstra University

“‘The Biologic Aspects of Immigration,’ ‘Racial Crime‚’ and the Looming Threat of Cacocracy: Eugenics, Imigration Restriction, and the Reconstruction of Americanism in the 1920s”

Carmen Birkle, University of Mainz and Vienna

“Barbie's American Success Story”


Workshop IV: (Anti-)Americanisms and Ethnicity

Sylvia Schiefer, University of Vienna

“Americanisms Under the Critical Eye of African-American Poet, Writer, Singer and Musician Gil Scott-Heron: the ‘Movie’ Poems”

Markus Heide, University of Munich

”Ambivalent Vistas: Jose Martí's "Our America" (1891) and Contemporary Hemispheric American Studies”


Workshop V: (Anti-)Americanisms and Popular Culture

Duco van Oostrum, University of Sheffield

“The Black Athlete’s Battle Royal of the 1960s: Anti-American Protests in American Sport”

Monika Messner, University of Innsbruck

“‘On Behalf of a Proud, Determined, and Grateful Nation, ...’Americanism in Sports”

William Tate, James Madison University

“‘this is not US’: Notes on Why McDonald’s is Anti-American”


Workshop VI: (Anti-)Americanisms and Media

Andreas Weissenbäck, University of Vienna

“Americanisms in European Car Advertisements”

Claudia Schwarz, University of Innsbruck

“Spin-ning Wheel America Americanism and Anti-Americanism Constructed by the Media”

Markus Rheindorf, University of Vienna

“Civilization(s): Rewriting History in Interactive Media”


Graduate Student Forum


Holger Benz, University of Vienna

"I do not invent my literary ancestors. If anything, they invented me." Gore Vidal's American Chronicles


Gerwin Gallob, University of Klagenfurt

traveling at the speed of thought. on the concepts and sonic fictions of the black electronic


Alexandra Ganser, University of Vienna

Haunting Hi/Stories: Memory, Identity, and the Construction of Heritage in Ken Kesey’s Last Go Round and Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony


Susanne Mettauer, University of Innsbruck

The Artist in the Folk Storehouse: African-American Folklore in the Writings of Langston Hughes


Eva Semmler, University of Vienna

Screening Lesbians: Representations of Lesbian Desire


Peter Unger, University of Vienna

"I tried to keep it real, never to sell the truth, but always to tell the truth."

Cultural Authenticity and Voices of Urban Reality in the Hip Hop Community