Mag. Eugen BANAUCH

Mag. Eugen Banauch, MA (Sussex) studied English and German at the Universities of Sussex, Vienna and Ottawa. Teaching activities: Courses at the Language Center of the University Vienna, Cultural Studies, ILSS. Research interests: American Ethnic Literatures (esp. Jewish Canadian and German Canadian Literatures), Transatlantic Relations, Bob Dylan, Literary and Cultural Theory. See also his courses webpage.

Em. Ao. Univ-Prof. Manfred DRAUDT

Manfred Draudt has published widely on Shakespeare, Renaissance drama, metadramatic aspects and textual matters. Besides comparative studies and essays on twentieth-century drama, his work centres on nineteenth-century burlesques of Shakespeare, one of which he has edited. Recently he has focused on theatre history (in Shakespeare´s History Plays, ed. T. Hoenselaars, CUP 2004) and has contributed to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Although retired he is still lecturing, also abroad, and researching.

Michael Draxlbauer studied English and German at the University of Vienna. He teaches introductory seminars and introductory courses to literature and to cultural and regional studies. Research interests: Native North American literatures and cultures, American Studies, Canadian Studies, the literature of the American Renaissance (esp. of the Transcendentalists), Modernist Poetry and Film.

Doz. Mag. Dr. Astrid FELLNER


Astrid M. Fellner teaches American literature, American Cultural Studies, and Gender Studies. Her research focus includes U.S. Latino/a literatures, post-revolutionary American literature, feminist and queer theory, and body studies. Selected Publications: Articulating Selves: Contemporary Chicana Self-Representation (Braumüller, 2002), coedited publications: (Anti)Americanisms (LIT Verlag, 2004) and Body Signs: The Body in Latino/a Cultural Production (forthcoming Ediciones Nuevo Espacio).
In 2006 Astrid Fellner completed her Habilitationsverfahren (Habilitationsschrift: "
Bodily Sensations: The Female Body in Late-Eighteenth-Century American Culture"). She supervises students wishing to write their MA thesis (Diplomarbeit) on  American literature, American Cultural Studies and Gender Studies topics.


Melanie Feratova-Loidolt studied English, Art History and Theatre in Vienna. Teaching activities: gender studies, interdisciplinary feminist theories. Her research focuses on poststructuralist, psychoanalytical and philosophical feminist theories, comparative gender studies, mythopoetics, semiotics and the interface between literature and visual art. Specialised fields in literature: Gothic, Romanticism, Victorian, Modernism. See also her homepage.

Em. o. Univ.-Prof. Herbert FOLTINEK

Herbert Foltinek is Professor Emeritus of English and American language and literature. His special research interests are 19th and 20th century English literature and comparative literature. He is the co-editor of Sprachkunst. Beiträge zur Literaturwissenschaft, the journal of the commission for literary studies of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, of which he is a full member.

Dr. Dieter FUCHS

Dr. Dieter Fuchs studied English, German and Comparative Literature at the Universities of Munich and Reading. Teaching activities: introductory seminars and courses to literary, cultural and regional studies. Research interests: Renaissance Studies, Satire, Drama, James Joyce, Literary and Cultural Theory.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Werner HUBER

Werner Huber is Professor of English and American Language and Literature. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Mainz and his 'Habilitation' from the University of Paderborn. Before moving to Vienna he taught at the universities of Paderborn, Tübingen, and Chemnitz. His research interests and publications are in the fields of Irish Studies, auto/biography, British Romanticism (esp. the Romantic-era novel), Samuel Beckett, contemporary theatre, and intermediality. He is President of the Society for Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English (CDE) and Vice-President (Europe) of the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures (IASIL).

Mag. Dr. Ursula KLUWICK
Ursula Kluwick studied English and Russian in Vienna and London. Her main research interests are postmodern fiction, postcolonial literatures, historiographic metafiction, magic realism and literary theories. She is about to submit her doctoral thesis on Salman Rushdie’s Magic Realism and is planning a post-doctoral project on the cultural history of the four elements in English literature. Teaching: Introduction to the Study of Literatures in English in the summer term 2005.

Em. o. Univ.-Prof. KORNINGER (b. 1925-d. 2006)

Prof. Korninger had retired in 1994, after almost forty years' teaching in the department. A long-term head of department and, in the seventies,  twice rector of the University of Vienna, he is remembered as a charismatic teacher by many of the staff teaching in this department today.

Prof. Korninger died on the 3rd of October 2006 after a long illness. His obituary can be read on University Online here.

o. Univ.Prof. Dr. Ewald MENGEL

Ewald Mengel is Professor of English and American Language and Literature, a position he also held at Bayreuth University. He has published books on Pinter, the English historical novel, Charles Dickens, translations of German dramas into English, the 18th century novel and the 20th century drama. His articles have centred on Pinter, Arden, Mortimer, the English historical novel, Dickens, Tennyson and Sterne. His current research interests include IT applications in English studies. His teaching ranges from Chaucer to contemporary British literature.


Elke Mettinger teaches introductory seminars to and surveys of English literature. Research interests are Renaissance studies, drama, 19th century novel, literary and cultural theory.

ao.Univ.Prof.Mag.Dr. Eva MÜLLER-ZETTELMANN

Eva Müller-Zettelmann is an associate professor of English lit. and cultural theory. She studied in Graz and Oxford, receiving a "Promotion sub auspiciis praesidentis rei publicae", the Austrian Academy of Sciences' Figdor award, and the science prize of the Austrian ministry. EMZ is an "external expert" to the Hamburg narratology project and member of the "EREA" and the "English Studies - ES" committees. She has published on narratology, cultural memory, postructuralism, genre theory, reader reception theory, the theory and history of poetry and metapoetry, C18 women drama, British postmodern literature and children's literature.

Mag. Barbara OLSSON

Born and raised in Villach, Carinthia, Barbara Olsson studied English and history at Vienna University. While teaching high school, she joined the department as an assistant working in the field of modern English literature. Her focus has gradually shifted to admin and for several years she has been almost exclusively concerned with study program planning, recognition of examinations, information and advice. Her current research interests include the history of the English Department at Vienna University and the non-fictional work of Hilde Spiel.

Univ.-Prof. i.R. Otto RAUCHBAUER

1981-2003 Professor of English Literature at the University of Vienna. Studies in Vienna, Bristol and London. Professor at Wayne State University in Detroit from 1965 to 1966; has taught a wide range of subjects. Research interests: Irish literature in the English language with a focus on cultural and interdisciplinary approaches. Current interests: the theory and writing of biography. He has been pursuing an extensive biography project, which has been authorized by literary executors of the family.

Mag. Dr. Susanne REICHL (on research leave until Feb 2007)

Susanne Reichl has taught language, literature and cultural studies at this department. Her main research interests are postcolonial literatures and the teaching of literature in a foreign language. In October 2004 she was awarded the Erwin Schrödinger research grant by the FWF and will spend two years in Germany and the UK to investigate the understanding processes and the teaching of literature in a foreign language. For more information, go to

o. Univ.Prof. Dr. Margarete RUBIK, M.A.

Chair for English literature, Head of the Department. Studied English and History in Vienna and American Studies at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, where she received an M.A. Was guest professor in Budapest and Brno. Is Vice president of CDE (Society for Contemporary Drama in English). Research interests: Restoration and 18th century women dramatists. Contemporary English drama, 19th century novel; re-writing and adapting the canon, Gender Studies, Literature and Cognitive Science, Teaches a broad range of subjects, also - but not exclusively - focussed on her research interests. See also her own website.

Mag. Dr. Ludwig SCHNAUDER

Ludwig Schnauder studied English and German at Vienna University and University College London. In 2006 he completed his dissertation on free will and determinism in Joseph Conrad's major fiction. Starting in October 2006 he will be working on a post-doc thesis concerned with Shakespeare as a Viennese classic, as part of the Weltbühne Wien project. His research interests include Shakespeare and Conrad studies, contemporary British fiction and the interrelation between philosophical, scientific, cultural and literary discourse. His teaching activities include Introductory Seminars (Literature) and the lecture Introduction to the Study of Literatures in English.

Elisabeth SIEGEL, M.A.


Elisabeth Siegel studied English and American Studies and Business Administration in Chemnitz and Glasgow. She is now working on a doctoral thesis about images in contemporary English novels. Her research interests include Modernism, women’s writing, literature and space, and intermediality. Elisabeth Siegel is also responsible for incoming ERASMUS students who do not take part in a direct exchange with the department. She can be contacted via e-mail or during her office hour: Thursday 2- 3 pm..

Mag. Dr. Bettina THURNER

Mag. Bettina Thurner studied English and French at the Universities of Vienna, Maryland, and Mainz. Teaching activities: introductory seminars, language courses. Research interests: philosophy, psychology, Literary and Cultural Theory, the American South, the American Renaissance, Transatlantic Relations.

Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rudolf WEISS
Rudolf Weiss studied English and German at Vienna University and at Birkbeck College, University of London. He teaches a wide range of subjects, with a special focus on nineteenth and twentieth century fiction as well as theatre and drama; a developing interest concerns all sorts of relations between literature and music. He has mainly published on Victorian and Edwardian theatre and drama, contemporary English drama and fiction as well as on reception history.
Mag. Monika WITTMANN

Originally from Linz, Monika Wittmann studied translation (English & Spanish) at the University of Vienna. In 1993 she received an M.A. in Translation Studies from the University of Warwick. Joining the department in 1990, she worked for Prof. Rauchbauer until September 2003, co-operating with him on three book publications on Anglo-Ireland. She continues to co-ordinate an extensive Socrates & Joint-Study exchange programme, advises outgoing exchange students on course creditation and is (co-)webmaster of various Anglistik-websites, including the CerTESP site. She is also the department's staff liaison officer. Her interests include literary and technical translation, and literature (in English, and beyond).

Ao. Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Franz WÖHRER
Franz Wöhrer studied English, Philosophy and Psychology in Vienna. After graduating with an M.A. and PhD he lecturered at Lancaster. He submitted his post-doc thesis at Vienna in 2001. His research focus is the interdisciplinary and cross-cultural study of mystical literature from the Late Middle Ages to the present. He has mainly published on the late medieval English mystics and 17th c. religious poetry. He teaches late medieval English literature, historical cultural studies (the Hiberno-Celtic cultural heritage; witchcraft) and the Metaphysical Poets. Another focus is on contemporary Irish short fiction and literature and the environment.
o. Univ.-Prof. Waldemar ZACHARASIEWICZ
Prof. Zacharasiewicz can be visited at his own website