a collection of annotated links
to web sites on Kate Chopin

“Kate Chopin: Teacher Resource File”

 Site is useful, containing many cross-references (though some links are dead)

“AHEAD OF HER TIME” An Overview of the Life and Works of Kate Chopin

useful introduction

“Domestic Goddesses”
Kate Chopin and other Victorian Women Writers

good on cultural and literary contexts

Kate Chopin as an item of an amateur’s book case

appealingly done

Kate Chopin: Classroom Issues and Strategies

the author as a Teacher's Guide item

“The Kate Chopin House - Bayou Folk Museum”

the Chopin house at Natchitoches

Kate Chopin as a trademarked Literary Traveler to Grand Isle (LA)

worth a glimpse (chiefly entertainment value)

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the Topography of Desire”