Chapter One: “My Early Life in Eboe”

In this chapter Equiano talks about his life in Africa. He mentions his family and their customs. He describes the people and the land.

Chapter Two: “Kidnapped

Equiano talks about the fact that others' had been kidnapped before by white people. Equiano and his sister are kidnapped and separated from each other.

Chapter Three: “The Slave Ship”

This chapter recalls the Middle Passage, the horrible conditions on slave ships that other sufferers had also described.

Chapter Four: “Voyage To England”

This chapter contains more talk of being on the ship. It describes and the different crew members and continues on the conditions of the other slaves.

Chapter Five: “War At Sea”

This chapter is about his life on the sea and the different places that Equiano visits. He names the names of the different ships that he comes in contact with during his service on a man-of-war in the Seven Years’ War.

Chapter Six: “Hope And Despair”

Equiano talks about having hopes of going to England and all the road blocks that he encounters. There is more talk about his life on the sea.

Chapter Seven: “Masters And Slaves”

This chapter is about the way that masters treated slaves in different parts of the country that Equiano visited.

Chapter Eight: “West Indian Voyages”

Equiano visits Montserrat and the French islands. He talks a bit about the Quakers in Philadelphia.

Chapter Nine: “Free Man”

In this chapter Equiano fights for his freedom from his master and gains it.

Chapter Ten: “Shipwreck in The Bahamas

As Equiano is used to the sea, he continues in that occupation. While on the sea, in this chapter, there is a shipwreck of which Equiano helps the crew to recover.

Chapter Eleven: “Return to Europe”

Equiano travels to Martinique. He leaves Montserrat never to return to the “dreadful instruments of torture” (110).

Chapter Twelve: “Arctic Exploration”

This chapter contains more talk about the sea.

Chapter Thirteen: “The Musquito Indians”

Equiano meets the Musquito Indians and he talks about the time that he spent with them.

Chapter Fourteen: “A Rough Road to Freedom”

Equiano runs into a bit of trouble and is almost kidnapped again. He talks about justice being found for the British. Here is where he ends his narrative.

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