Mary would return to England with the younger Children,- William and Dr. Isaac, Rebekah's Sons, would stay, and be Americans. Would stay, and ensign their Father into his Death. Mr. Shippen, Revd Peters, Mr. Ewing, all Commissioners of the Line twenty years earlier, now will prove, each in his Way, their Salvation upon this Shore.

   "Since I was ten", said Doc, "I wanted you to take me and Willy to America. I kept hoping, ev'ry birthday, this would be the year. I knew next time you'd take us."

   "We can get jobs
," said William, "save enough to go out where you were,-"

   "Marry and go out where you were," said Doc.

   "The Stars are so close you won't need a Telescope."

   "The Fish jump into your Arms. The Indians know Magick."

   "We'll go there. We'll live there."

   "We'll fish there. And you too." 

   (Pynchon, 772-773)