Pynchonian Links

[-] Thomas Pynchon's Mason & Dixon (1997)
Located at HyperArts and maintained by Tim Ware, this site provides information on the novel as well as links to other web resources, reviews, etc. This "growing concordance" to the book shows how
a useful web-site about literature should be done.
More Pynchon at HyperArts:

[-] HyperArts Pynchon Pages

[-] Mason & Dixon Home Page - Thomas Pynchon
The official and and less informative site by Pynchon's publisher Holt.

[-] Spermatikos Logos: A Thomas Pynchon Web Site
Everything you want to know about Pynchon Dr. Larry Daw's site.

[-] San Narciso Community College Thomas Pynchon Homepage
Useful informations on Pynchon's works and his biography.

[-] Pynchon Files
If you know nothing about Pynchon, then perhaps this is the site you should visit first.

[-] Pynchon Portal
Portal site with a lot of Pynchon links, and fortunately containing only
a small number of dead ones.

[-] Pynchon Notes
Website of the journal dedicated to Pynchon studies.

[-] Thomas Pynchon Mailing List: Pynchon-L
Mailing List dealing with Pynchon's works. Sometimes bizarre - recommended only for the very advanced.