Three Days of Peace and Music

And then it all seemed to get into gear—miraculously, given the circumstances of the venture. "I think you people have proven something to the world," Max Yasgur told the crowd, "that half a million people can get together and have three days of fun and music, and have nothing but fun and music ..."

Jefferson Airplane

Well, almost ...

Max Yasgur’s Mud hole

Max Yasgur once had a beautiful hillside of blowing grass. This changed rapidly during the festival's first night. A heavy rain turned the once romantic site into a mud hole. 

Parked cars had to be pushed back to Route 17B

OK, who left the water truck turned on?

A sea of mud full of belongings that had been left behind - parts of tents, blankets, soggy sleeping bags, paper and garbage EVERYWHERE!

Did any one see my Bic lighter?


Summing-Up Avenue

Even though some people had fun in the mud, it should not be forgotten or neglected that there was...

- Lack of food
- Lack of sanitarian facilities
- Lots of overdoses and bad trips - voluntary as well as involuntary 
- Panicking people because of the amount of guests
- Heatstrokes
- Cut feet - some to ribbons - broken glass in the mud
- Constant worries such as: Where are my friends? Where is my car?

The Woodstock site. Picture by Lisa Law.


More Woodstock ...

Some Pictures:

Who performed?

"How Woodstock Happened?" 
An almost Pulitzer Price winning detailed version of the 1969 Woodstock event. 
Lean back and enjoy a great epic journey.

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