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Last update: October, 20th, 1997
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The idea for this site was born during a workshop held at  the fourth meeting of the European Society for the Study of English in Debrecen Hungary in September 1997. The workshop dealt with the value and use of doing Historical Linguistics in the context of European English departments.
Among the questions that were addressed were the contributions Historical Linguistics can make to both neighbouring and more remote academic disciplines, as well as to the general education and professional training of students in European English Studies courses. The challenges which the subject has to confront in University teaching were focussed on in particular.
The task of this site, then, is to promote the discussion that was started in Debrecen, and to encourage interested colleagues to exchange views and arguments concerning the study and teaching of Historical English Linguistics at university level. The idea is that all contributions made to this site (preferably via eMail) should be gathered and made available to interested visitors and, in a second step, moulded into a coherent statement on the status of and the prospects for our discipline.
At the moment this site is still very much under construction and offers only the papers and commentaries presented during the Debrecen workshop. Visitors are invited to read them online and pass their comments on to the site administrators via eMail.
It also contains the results of a poll among history-of-English teachers concerning their views on a core syllabus for the subject.
Furthermore, it is planned to set up a mailing list in order to keep interested colleagues informed about the progress of the discussion and to keep their interest and involvement with this project alive.
In this sense, please visit this site again in October.
Till then, best wishes
Olga Fischer & Niki Ritt
(site administrators)