The St. Louis Arch

The Arch is situated on the St. Louis riverfront.

It is 630 foot high.

Completed in 1965, the Arch commemorates Thomas Jefferson and the westward expansion of the United States. Adventuresome types, who don't mind a clattering ride, will enjoy the tram ride to the observation deck at the top of the Arch. To the adventuresome types with claustrophobia I wouldn't suggest this ride at all, be closed in a very small capsule might become your night mare.

History buffs, especially those interested in the Lewis and Clark expedition, won't want to miss the free Museum of Westward Expansion under the Arch.

Visitors waiting in the queue areas to ride the trams to the top can experience two exhibits. The first exhibit (in the South Tram load zone) is named, "When Riverboats Ruled". The second exhibit (in the North Tram load zone) is named, "Fitting the Final Piece. In the north load zone graphics and video surround you with information on the building of the Arch. You can hear there actual conversations of the construction workers building the Arch.

On this picture you can see the little capsules that can carry you to the top of the arch if you find enough courage to get in them. This amazing construction designed Dick Bowser a college drop out. So all you who dropped out of college, don't be disparate. Your big chance in life might come! J More information how this genial man designed this masterwork and maybe advice how to become famous even without college degree you can find on this web page:

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a close look at the arch
the arch

the 1904 World's Fair at St. Louis
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