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Living Reviews in Relativity


  • Bernard F. Schutz,
  • Robert Beig,
  • Bernd Brügmann,
  • Chris Isham,
  • Bala R. Iyer,
  • Renate Loll,
  • Donald Marolf,
  • Jorge Pullin,
  • Mukund Rangamani,
  • Jürgen Renn,
  • Edward Seidel,
  • Joachim Wambsganss,
  • Clifford Will
Albert Einstein Institute
Living Reviews in Relativity is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal publishing invited reviews on all areas of relativity research. Articles are regularly updated by their authors. All reference information is collected in a free online database.
Living Reviews in Relativity is a pioneer open-access journal project, which started operations in 1998. The AEI is no longer able to operate Living Reviews in Relativity, but will continue to host the web site while the search for a long term solution for the journal is underway.

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25 August 2014   (original article):

5 August 2014   (major update):




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