Invitation to events of the Scientific Center of the Academy of Sciences of Polans in Wien:

Conference: “Wiener Kongress 1515. Zentraleuropa zwischen Jagiellonen und Habsburgern” (15. - 17. April 2015)
Kunsthistorisches Museum (15. April), Balassi Institut-Collegium Hungaricum in Wien (16. April), Wissentschaftliches Zentrum der Polnisches Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien (15. und 17. April)
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Lecture von Dr. Zofia Wóycicka: „Unterbrochene Trauer - Erinnerung an NS-Lager und die Stalinisierung Polens” (23. April 2015, 19 Uhr)
Kommentar: Assoz. Prof. Dr. Bertrand Perz
Moderation: Dr. Machteld Venken


2015 PEWS Conference - “Global Inequalities: Hegemonic Shifts and Regional Differentiations”

The 39th Annual Conference on the Political Economy of the World-System takes places at the Institute for Latin American Studies of the Freie Universität Berlin from March 19-21, 2015.

More Information:


Call for Applications - Vienna Master of Arts in Human Rights

The Master of Arts in Human Rights at the University of Vienna/Austria, under the scientific direction of Professor Manfred Nowak, offers students the exciting opportunity to study human rights in an international, interdisciplinary and practice-oriented environment.

This postgraduate programme aims at providing students with the scientific knowledge and the practical skills to work as a human rights expert in various professional environments. It is designed for students with at least a bachelor degree in a broad variety of academic disciplines from all world regions, with an open mind, empathy for human beings and a strong interest to experience the fascinating world of human rights. It offers students a wide range of courses with an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to human rights and a strong emphasis on practice.

The Vienna Master in Human Rights starts in September/October 2015.
The deadline for applications is 29 March 2015.


FAO Model Conference - Call for Applications

The FAO 2015 Model Conference will be taking place at FAO HQs, Rome, Italy from 21 to 25 September.

The FAO Model Conference is the first academic-level simulation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) organs and committees.

The main purpose of the conference is to promote the FAO mission and knowledge of its functioning, and to give university students a chance to practice diplomacy by impersonating the role of a diplomat and discuss issues on the global agenda for food and agriculture. This will require a set of skills which include the ability to speak confidently in public, developing negotiation skills thus forming alliances and sticking to the assigned country’s position on a particular issue, being able to draft a working paper and in a later stage full resolutions.

The main outcome of the simulation will be contained in the resolution that each committee will pass on the topics discussed throughout the week. This document is the outcome of strenuous research on the issues under discussion and of challenging negotiations in the conference sessions, and it will be later presented to the actual FAO Council and committees for member states’ consideration.

Conference theme

The FAO Model Conference general theme will be: The Zero Hunger challenge: eliminating hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition for all. Thus, it will focus on the challenges and possible solutions to feed nine billion people and the whole planet by 2050.

The FAO Model 2015 Conference wishes to bring Students closer to complex world of negotiations around food production, consumption, trade and safety; if you have never taken part to a similar experience, then this is a wonderful occasion to test your abilities and present an innovative approach to standing international issues. The FAO Model 2015 Conference will be an incredible occasion to discover a new world of issues, diplomatic confrontations and discussions that you may have never thought about before but are at the very core of every world society: food.

FAO Model 2015 is a real opportunity to live and prepare yourself for an international Conference under the guidance of skilled and competent Chairpersons, in the framework of a real United Nations building. You will be in touch with a world that may offer you much more than just another extra-curricular activity, as you will also meet officials and representatives during the Conference, formally and informally. The objective is to flank and provide concrete, young and innovative solutions to the Millennium Development Goal Zero Hunger Challenge: eradication of hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition for all!

Applications are currently open through the website:


Call for Applications - RAUN 2015-2016

The call for applications for RAUN2015-2016 year is now available.

Deadline for applications: March 8th, 2015
Venues and dates
Prague (27-30 April, 2015); Szeged (15-18 September, 2015); Vienna (12-15 January, 2016)

This call is open for students currently enrolled in Masters and PhD studies in AT, CZ, HU, SR, and SK only
Since January 2012, the Regional Academy on the United Nations – RAUN – has trained over 100 young scholars from more than 15 nationalities in issues related to the United Nations and international system while developing their academic research writing. In doing so, young scholars are enabled to contribute to finding solutions to contemporary global challenges.

RAUN gives its participants a unique opportunity to develop their academic research writing in English and learn firsthand about the work and values of the United Nations through practical lectures and workshops on current issues conducted by experts and UN and government officials. Participants are also able, through group work and social activities, to create strong networks with their like-minded peers and experts from various fields in an environment that fosters diversity, tolerance, cultural learning and understanding.

Throughout the year participants will work in teams to write group research projects which they will present at the last session at the UN Headquarters in Vienna in January 2016. The theme for 2015-2016 RAUN program is Peace and Security. The research projects will focus on the nexus between peace and security and UN-related topics especially the following:
Terrorism and Non-state Actors; United Nations and EU; Space and Nuclear Security; Women in wars; Migration; Education; International Criminal Justice; and Multilateral Diplomacy.

Further Information:

The direct link for students in Austria is


Call for Papers - Global History Student Conference

An international group of students enrolled in the MA Global History at Free University Berlin will be hosting a student conference from 24-25 April on global history ‘in practice’ (that is to say on the challenge of actually conducting research beyond geographical, cultural of linguistic boundaries) and would very much like to invite the students from your department to present their essays or research projects.

The Call for Papers, which you find attached to this email, is open until 1st March.

Further information on the conference and its organizers can be found at:

New Book Publication on Work from a Global Historical Perspective

A new book has been published by scholar Andrea Komlosy, Professor at the Economic and Social History Institute at the University of Vienna. The book is a study on the nature of work from the 13th to the 21st century from a global perspective.

Based within economic and social history, the study looks at the changing nature of working conditions both from their diversity and their contradictions. This reveals simultaneity across time towards the twenty-first century and challenges the Euro-centric narrative of work, placing the concept in a more nuanced global perspective as a result.

To look at the contents of the book, please see here.



A Blog created by a student project of the Erasmus Mundus Global Studies Program hosted by the Universities of Vienna, Leipzig, Wroclaw and the London School of Economics:

CD Sounds from Globalistan, Vol. 1. You can find information and auditions here:

For further information (where to buy ect.) contact Leopold Kögler