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10 years "L'Homme. Z. F. G." (1999):

10 years L'Homme. Z. F. G. Revisited (pdf)

20 years "L'Homme. Z. F. G." (2009):


25 years "L'Homme. Z. F. G." (2014):

Power Point Presentation (pdf, in German)

Celebratory speech by Ute Frevert (pdf, in German)

Speech by Christa Hämmerle (pdf, in German)

L'Homme "glimpses" by Regina Schulte and Ute Gerhard (pdf, in German)

Greetings by Christian H. Ehalt, (pdf, in German)

Greetings by the Ministry of Women's Affairs Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek, member of the scientific board Helmut Puff, editor Anelia Kassabova and publisher Böhlau Verlag (pdf)

Photos (pdf)