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Manuscripts sent for acceptance to "L'Homme. Z. F. G." should represent the present knowledge on the very issue and on Women's and Gender History. The contributions are subjected to a rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by two anonymous experts. The time limit for the reviewing process is two or three months. For this period of time the transmittal of a text to the "L'Homme. Z. F. G." office is taken as binding intent to publish it exclusively in "L'Homme. Z. F. G.".

Please do not submit unsolicited book reviews!

Manuscripts must be submitted as word documents (.doc or .docx) and not as pdf files.

L'Homme style guide (English, pdf) (March 2015)

L'Homme Richtlinien (Deutsch, pdf) (April 2016)

Length of arcticles (including footnotes and blanks!):
- Articles (main articles, L'Homme Extra): 30,000 - max. 50,000 characters
- Reports (Forum) and Commentary /Aktuelles: 9,000 - 18,000 characters
- From the Archives: 10,000 - 12,000 characters
- Book reviews: 7.000-9.000 characters
- Abstracts: 800-1.300 characters

We are sorry to indicate that "L'Homme. Z. F. G." can not pay any fee (honorarium) for published articles or book reviews.

If you have any questions please contact the editorial office: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it