Research Platform Repositioning of Women''s and Gender History

The research platform "Repositioning of Women's and Gender History in an Altered European Context. Networking – Resources – Projects" was established at the University of Vienna in 2006. It builds upon resources and facilities that specialists in women's and gender history have successfully initiated at the University of Vienna.

The research platform ran until 2012.

The most important task of the research platform is its work to intensify interfaculty and interdisciplinary cooperation and increase or institutionalise international networking. In addition, the primary aims include focusing on a methodologically sound account of European women's and gender history that considers the historiographical changes and challenges since 1989: our knowledge of national and regional history had broadened, just as the perspectives of common European problems have changed.

The research platform makes available various instruments and facilities established at the University of Vienna, thus enabling historians to comment on this process of radical change, to preserve recollections and to initiate transnational research work.

The three pillars of the research platform are
* the journal "L'HOMME. Z. F. G. - European Journal of Feminist History" and its two series of publications, in which the most recent research results are presented and discussed,

* the "Sammlung Frauennachlässe" (Collection of Women's Personal Papers) together with the projects "Sprache und Erinnerung in Frauentagebüchern des 20. Jahrhunderts" (Language and Memory in Women's Diaries in the 20th Century) and "Liebe in Paarkorrespondenzen" (Love in Couples' Correspondence; FWF financed)

* as well as the virtual "Salon 21" as a central instrument for establishing networks.

You can find further information in this article:

Edith Saurer, Michaela Hafner und Li Gerhalter, The Research Platform "Repositioning of Women's and Gender History” at the University of Vienna. In: Genre & Histoire, n°7 | Automne 2010