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Initiativkolleg I033-N - The Cosmic Matter Circuit

Forms that you frequently need

Antrag auf Dienstreise
(Application for official trips)
pdf Must be filled before your trip!
(Receipted expenses form)
pdf Must be filled after your trip!
(Application for holidays)
pdf Should be clear!
Antrag auf Erteilung eines Aufenthaltstitels
(Application for residence permit)
pdf This is important for non-EU citizens only! It has to be renewed annually!
Bestätigung der Führungskraft
(Application for seminars)
pdf doc If you want to take any extra seminars offered for IK students!
Must be filled by your supervisor!
Antrag auf Freistellung für Forschungs- und Lehrtätigkeit
(Application for an exemption)
pdf doc Use this form if your exemption does not exceed 1 month!
Krank- und Gesundmeldung
(Official sick note AND fitness for duty certification)
pdf doc Confirm your sick leave and ability to return to duty, respectively!
Antrag auf Mitarbeiterausweis
(Application for staff ID)
pdf doc You do not necessarily need a staff ID,
but it gives you a discount in some facilities!

Important people you sometimes have to contact

Who Where What e-mail office phone: +43-1-4277- fax: +43-1-4277-
Dr. Laura Tanvuia Institute of Astronomy Our helpful secretary! laura.tanvuia(at)univie.ac.at 53833 9518
Karin Hillinger Human Resources Department Lady in charge for our contracts. karin.hillinger(at)univie.ac.at 12359 12909
Mag. Margareta Elisabeth Frysak Human Resources Development Lady in charge for special
courses offered to
IK members.
elisabeth.frysak(at)univie.ac.at 12333 12339
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