Second Workshop on Quality Control of Meteorological Data in MAP

21.02.-22.02.2002, Vienna, Austria

Focus of the Workshop

Roughly two years after the MAP-SOP (Special Operation Period) with its intensive field phases there is a need to resume the activities of WGROUND and Data Quality Control in MAP (DAQUAMAP). As the DAQUAMAP-project is still going on for a while, data providers and users of the quality control results have the (last ?) chance to express open wishes and give some critical comments.
During the last years there have been introduced some important improvements of the applied method. So this will be presented as an other important topic.
But not only this method, developed at our Department will be shown but the workshop shall provide plenty room of discussions on a wide range of quality control issues, a theme of increasing importance in Meteorology.
As we expect that participants are partly different from the first workshop, there will be some new interesting inputs.
We are in contact with members of NORDKLIM, which is a co-operation of the Scandinavian weather services and author of the report called "Nordic Methods for Quality Control of Climate Data" which includes also quality control in real-time. So we hope to welcome somebody of NORDKLIM to have an interesting interchange.
Another important topic will be the future of the working group ROUND.
For more details see the
tentative survey of topics .

What to bring, what to present:

If you currently use or develop quality control methodology and/ or software or plan to do so, could you please bring whatever documentation you have available. Also, if the software has features that allow demonstrations and is readily portable to PCs or UNIX workstations, please bring your software to the workshop as well.
If you have any comments on DAQUAMAP or ideas for the future of WGROUND you are welcome to present them at the workshop.
After the workshop it is planned to compile a report.


Organizational issues

The workshop will be held in Vienna, Austria. A small conference fee of  € 18 will be collected at registration. If you need assistance for hotel reservation, please contact Inga Groehn (

Registration Form

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