DAQUAMAP 1) - results and the response of providers

Inga Groehn, Reinhold Steinacker, Christian Häberli, Wolfgang Pöttschacher, Manfred Dorninger

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Some examples of DAQUAMAP results and the direct response of the respective data provider

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Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

1) Data Quality Control in MAP


2) Reinhold Steinacker, Wolfgang Pöttschacher, Christian Häberli, 1999: A transparent method for the analysis and quality evaluation of irregulary distributed and noisy observal data, submitted to Monthly Weather Review


Thanks are due to Daniel Wolf and Michael Begert (SMA), Dr. Andreas Kaestner (DWD), Dr. Zorko Vicar (Hydrometeorological Institute of Slovenia)

DAQUAMAP is funded by the EUMETNET program ‘MAP-NWS’
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