7. Information for Data provider

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7.1 What to do first ...

  • 1. You will need a user name and a password.
        Please contact us for them via email (

  • 2. You have to "Choose your service (click here)."
        You will arrive at:
  • Find out if for your service, results are already available click here 7.2 Your service
         Then you can select your service and one parameter.

    7.2 Your benefits

  • 3. With the help of the mouse pointer one can select one station from the map and have a look at the plot and the table with its characteristics at the same time.
        (A more detailed description how to interpret the results you find on the "main page" topic "Remarks to statistics".)

    7.2 What we would like to ask you ...

  • What we would like to ask you to do ... Here you find a table which you can fulfil with your comments for your stations.
    Download example (.xls) Download example (.xls)

    7.2 Next steps - what will happen with the results.

  • To give us your accordance to publish your results (in a "password area"), you can use the bottom "send your okay". It is on the overview map of your service. It includes an eMail to Inga Groehn.

  • As soon as you give us your accordance, ...
  •    http://www.univie.ac.at/IMG-Wien/daquamap/results/common/pressure.html (for pressure)
    http://www.univie.ac.at/IMG-Wien/daquamap/results/common/temperature.html (for temperature)
    http://www.univie.ac.at/IMG-Wien/daquamap/results/common/humidity.html (for humidity)

    So little by little there will be more and more stations which can be considered by the MAP-data users.

    For more information see:
  • Information for data providers: click here
  • Download example for comments on the results of DAQUAMAP click here (EXCEL-document)