November 1-3, 2007
Mendel Museum, Museum of Genetics, Brno, Czech Republic
Mendlovo námestí 1a, CZ-603 00 Brno, Czech Republic
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In times of transnational collaboration of scientists and researchers, of genetic tests offered on the internet, and of “genetic tourism” having become a common phenomenon, the governance of genetics and genomics is no longer an exclusive realm of national regulation. It is impossible to govern society from a single centre or by means of a single privileged governance mechanism.
Along two main topical lines (DNA databanks and genetic testing), this conference will address the question of what different shapes global genomic governance takes, which actors are involved, and how individuals and populations are governed through genomic science and technologies. Practices and sorts of knowledge in the global field of genomics create new infrastructures, foster the emergence of large networks. It is arguable that they alter the identities of people. Special attention will be devoted to ethical, legal, and social implications of new patterns of governing genomics in a global context. The conference will bring together experts from the social and the life science, as well as practitioners and policy makers.
Registration fees are €30 for participants from ASO countries (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina) and €150 for members from all other countries.
For all information concerning the conference venue and the program, please contact Michaela Vanharova at mvanhar@med.muni.cz
The registration ends on Monday the 29th October at 12. 00 a.m.
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