June 11-12, 2007 - Vienna
Conference Outline
This international conference concludes the three year EU sponsored PAGANINI research project about life science governance. In PAGANINI (Participatory Governance and Institutional Innovation), an international team of social scientists (from Amsterdam, Hanover, Lancaster, Kaunas, Crete, Tampere and Vienna) has looked at a number of different topics ranging from stem cell research, genetic testing, nuclear power dilemmas and nature conservation to genetically modified food and food policy to identify how these areas are governed, how they might be governed in the future, and what role there is for participatory practices in all of this.
Many things have gone wrong in these fields of governance. PAGANINI was asking: Why?
•  What are the lessons from these experiences for future governance?
•  How ‘regional’ is life science governance today?
•  Are we moving towards a more global style of life science governance?
•  Which countries seem to be better ‘equipped’ for life science governance than others? And why?
•  Are we witnessing the rise of a new mode of ‘participatory governance’ in the life science field?
•  What is the role of the European Union in life science governance?
In asking these questions, the conference brings together researchers working in these fields, policy makers, NGO representatives, and journalists.
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