Image: Cross-polarised transmitted-light photomicrograph of a zircon xenocrystal from the Bumerang pipe, Ary–Mastakh field, Northern Yakutia, showing primary growth zoning and patchy alteration. Sample courtesy S. Kostrovitsky, Irkutsk.

Welcome at the homepage of the Conference on Accessory Minerals (CAM–2017), which will be held in September, 2017, in Vienna and Bratislava.

This conference aims at bringing together researchers and students who are active in the investigation of accessory mineral species, especially those that contain high field strength elements (HFSE). These minerals are typically characterised by complex internal textures and chemical compositions, especially after having experienced alteration at low temperatures. Accessory minerals hence may provide valuable information on both primary formation and post-growth history of their host rocks.

Since the appearance of the pioneering review paper "The current state and future of accessory mineral research" by F. Poitrasson and co-authors (Chemical Geology 2002, vol. 191), enormous progress has been made in the study of accessory minerals, which is especially due to the invent of new analytical techniques. This progress became evident again during the "Workshop on Accessory Minerals" that was held at the University of Warsaw, Poland, in September, 2014, organised by Raymond Macdonald and Bogusław Bagiński.
After two days of fruitful discussions and nineteen oral presentations by researsers from countries worldwide, it was agreed to repeat the gathering of accessory-mineral researchers, however in the form of a genuine conference.

We look forward to an interesting meeting. See you in September, 2017!


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