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Faculty of Geosciences, Geography and Astronomy
University of Vienna

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Franz Pertlik

Franz Pertlik , Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Room number 2B 349
Tel.: (+431) 4277 53267


Schools in Vienna and Carinthia.
Since 1961 academic studies at the University of Vienna in physics, chemistry, earth sciences.
Dissertation in mineralogy and petrography.
1969 Ph.D.
1978 Habilitation (mineralogy).

1962 to 1966: Part-time work (marketing and distribution).
1967 to1970: Graduate assistant at the University of Vienna.
Since 1970: Assistant professor at the Institute for Mineralogy and Crystallography.
2002: Granting of the academic title 'Universitätsprofessor'.
September 30, 2008: Retirement.

1972/73 Munich, Germany. MPI in Martinsried (A. v. Humboldt-Sholarship).
Three research stays at the University of Prag each over several months
and two at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto (Canada).

Field of activity
Crystallography, crystal chemistry, history of earth sciences (specifically high schools in Vienna).

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