Institut für Mineralogie und Kristallographie
Faculty of Geosciences, Geography and Astronomy
University of Vienna

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A Bruker IFS66v/S FT-vacuum spectrometer with IRscopeII mirror-optics microscope. Various light sources, beam splitters and detectors cover an overall spectral range from 50000 to 50 cm-1. A heating/cooling stage for measurements between 80 and 870 K is available.In the background: A Perkin-Elmer 1760X FT-IR plus micro-FT-IR spectrometer (spectral range 7000 to 500 cm-1) with heating/cooling stage for measurements from 80 - 870 K.

M. Wildner,
A. Beran,
E. Libowitzky

18.05.2010 /ZW