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This page is, last change 12.Dec.2003

The Mathematische Zirkel at the Department of Mathematics, University of Vienna, Austria,
together with NuHAG (the Numerical Harmonic Analysis Group) have organized
SampTA03 (May 26 - 30, 2003, Strobl, Salzburg, Austria)

Conference Proceedings  will be on the one hand in Prof. Jerri's journal: Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing .

In addition participants at SampTA03 are also invited to submit a contribution to IJWMIP (call for a special issue).      

The next conference in the series, SampTA05, will be held in Samsun, Turkey.

Partially supported by bm:bwk  Austrian Ministery for Science and Culture

(final version of the) Programme of the Conference

This is the "majority" (but not the complete "team") of participants. Picture taken before the departure to Salzburg on Thursday.


LIST OF PARTICIPANTS + TITLES   * a revised list of E-mail addresses is upcoming...

Access to a repository of pictures as taken by Hans G. Feichtinger (images are typically of the size of 600kB, in JPEG-formar, a better organized variant is going online with some delay, but we will also add a few further links once colleagues arrive at home and provide informations about related sites).  

If you plan to submit a paper related to you conference contribution at SampTA03 please send first a short mail directly to  HGFei  indicating the title, expected page number, and the date when you expect this paper to be ready in LATEX format.  The majority of contributions (in particular those mostly dealing with sampling issues) will be directed towards Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing  (of course after contact with the authors), but in any case they will go through a full reviewing process (there will be special issues, details are to be given later on).

A first version of the collection of ABSTRACTS  [zipped PS-file, 2 MB, expanded about 18 MB large] (which will be available at the beginning of the conference, as well as the daily schedule) can be downloaded already here. Participants will receive a copy, and furthermore a corrected version will go online after the conference.  WILL BE UPDATED SOON.

Flyers and Special offers to conference participants:

Attached please find the details of my new book on nonuniform sampling with applications to phased array antennas, ultrasounds, randomized optimal control, speech, image, video, signal processing , modulation and coding, fault tolerant codes, biomedical imaging, mathematics, etc. Besides the 950 pages of tutorial style chapters, it contains a CD consisting of hundreds of C codes, Matlab and Mathcad files plus many PhD, MSc and journal papers. You may wish to send the attached flyer to interested colleagues or the school library. There is also a student rate for courses that adopt parts of this book. You can also see the details on the website:                 Farokh Marvasti 

A link to the Birkhauser books which have been on display at the conference will be inserted here soon.  HGFei    

"historical part of the WWW-page" (for future reference)

First (original) Announcement (as of 29th May 2002): HTML, TeX, PS, PDF


Wheater: Usually it may get warm and pleasant at this time of the year (for Austrian standards, at least), say 25 degrees Celsius during day-time. You may bring your swim-suites but walking along the lake is more reasonable (I would not expect more than 17C water temperature). Note that we are "in the middle of mountains" so it may be quite cool at night (down to 5C) so bring your jackets and umbrellas. Salzburg is known for the possibility of heavy rain-falls, at least for a few of those 6 days. See  WETTER-AT  ORF-Wetter  ZAMG   for some wheater stations. Also it is recommended to bring a pair of  "solid shoes" if you do some hiking. At least on Wednesday afternoon we plan for some tour (up the Schafberg), but we will take the "train" up there, and will have only a short walking distance.

CULTUR/SALZBURG: It is certainly worthwhile to have a visit to Salzburg, maybe even participate in some classical concert. I was in Salzburg myself last weekend (May 16th) and enjoyed a concert (Bieber, Mozart) on original instruments on classical instruments. There are performances on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th, at 20.30. The tickets + transfer are in the order 45 to 50 EUROs. You should look out and sign in upon arrival, at least until Tuesday noon, on a first come first serve basis. HOTEL ISSUES, single and double rooms etc., staying at BIFEB our outside (= EXT)


IMPORTANT NOTE:  We do NOT plan to produce Proceedings, so the (extended) abstracts will be the only "visible trace" (available during the conference). For it's production we will need the final versions by end of APRIL, according to our present plannings, so that the Conference Material can be prepared by the end of April, early May. You may consult THIS page for updatees and more precise informations about final deadlines.

* Registration fee will be EURO 100,-, to be paid upon arrival. 
Approximate cost for lodging + full board: Single room 60 euro/day, Double room 45 euro/day per person.  Lodging can be paid using Credit cards such as Mastercard, American Express, Visa, JCB

Practical information

Previous SampTA conferences

There were four previous SampTA conferences: 1995 in Riga (Latvia), 1997 in Aveiro (Portugal), 1999 in Loen  (Norway) (SampTA1999) and 2001 Orlando/USA (pictures).

Additional information (e.g. related events)

A "topical journal": Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing  (1/3 just appeared)     

The Spring School on Function Spaces and Applications takes place in Paseky, Czech Republic,  June 1-7th, 2003

8.  Österreichisches Mathematikertreffen:  22. bis 26. September 2003 in Bozen  

Note: we have just been informed that ESI  will allow us to run a special semester on TIME-FREQUENCY methods (with workshops and conferences) in the spring semester of 2005 here in Vienna.  Details will be announced on the NuHAG home page later on. 

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