Call for Papers

The JURIX conference has been running annually for over 20 years and provides an international forum for both academics and practitioners in the field of legal informatics to meet and share their research and ideas to advance the field of legal knowledge systems.

The 24th edition of JURIX will be hosted by the University of Vienna. We invite submission of original papers on the advanced management of legal information and knowledge, covering foundations, methods, tools, systems and applications for the following (non-exhaustive) list of topics:

  • Support for lawyers, in legal reasoning, document drafting, negotiation;
  • Support for the production and management of legislation, in agenda setting, policy analysis, drafting, workflow management, monitoring implementation;
  • Support for the judiciary, in application of the law, analysis of evidence, management of cases;
  • Support for police activities, in forensic inquiries, search and evaluation of evidence, management of investigations;
  • Support for public administration, in applying regulations and managing information;
  • Support for the acquisition, management or use of legal knowledge, using rules, cases, neural networks, intelligent agents or other methods;
  • Systems and methods to support policies and legal issues for social networks;
  • Retrieval of legal information;
  • Legal education;
  • Digital-rights management;
  • Alternative dispute resolution, particularly on-line;
  • Regulatory compliance and compliance of business processes;
  • Theoretical foundations for the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques in the legal domain;
  • Models of legal knowledge, including concepts (legal ontologies), rules, cases, principles, values and procedures;
  • Legal inference and argumentation;
  • Verification and validation of legal knowledge systems;
  • Management of legal information in the semantic web;
  • XML standards for legal documents, including legislative, judicial, administrative acts as well as private documents, such as contracts;
  • Modelling the legal interactions of autonomous agents and digital institutions;
  • Methods for managing organizational change when introducing legal knowledge systems;
  • Evaluation of systems using advanced informatics techniques in legal applications.
  • Interdisciplinary applications of legal informatics methods and systems.


The deadline for paper submission is September 9th, 2011. Papers should be submitted through the EasyChair Conference Management System, using PDF, PostScript or Word format, and should not exceed 10 pages when formatted using the styles and guidelines. Author instructions and style sheets can be found at the IOS Press site under “Book Publishing” in the “Authors’ Corner” in the Instructions for Authors.
Workshops and a selection of conference papers will be published in the electronic journal Jusletter IT.

JURIX conferences are held under the auspices of the Dutch Foundation for Legal Knowledge Systems.

Proposals for tutorials and workshops are invited and strongly encouraged. All proposals, including a short description of the topic, should be sent to the Programme Chair by email.

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