Workshops and Tutorials

Tutorials – 13 December 2011

09.00-13.00   Tutorial I: Legal Information Retrieval (including: ranking, e-discovery, document categorisation, document classification, (semi)automatic text analysis, data mining etc.):  Andi Rauber, Michael Dittenbach, Erich Schweighofer (with guest talk of Franz J. Kummer)

09.00-13.00 Tutorial III: Network analysis and the law: Daniel Katz and Michael Bommarito


14.00-18.00   Tutorial II: Artificial Intelligence & Law: Kevin Ashley & Matthias Grabmair


Workshops – 13-14 December 2011

Tue, 13 Dec., 14.00-18.00     Workshop on Standardisation for Normative Systems


Wed, 14 Dec., 9.00-18.30     Workshops whole day

FTRI 2011 (Workshop Legal Informatícs 2011 – Fachtagung Rechtsinformatik 2011)


In co-operation with the German Computing Society GI, section legal informatics, the Austrian Computing Society OCG,  section legal informatics and the German Society for Law and Informatics, a joint workshop will be organised on 14th December 2011 (with German and English contributions). The focus will be on recent developments in legal information systems and support systems for practitioneers.

The Fundamental Concepts and the Systematization of Law


Workshop on Modelling Policy-making


Workshop on Standardisation for Normative Systems


Proposals for tutorials and workshops are invited and strongly encouraged. All proposals, including a short description of the topic, should be sent to the Programme Chair by email.

Deadline for proposals for workshops and tutorials: Monday 12th September 2011

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