Pictures from the Meeting (Field-Trip)

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Pete Horne (intrepid guide) catching an air photo that was blowing past
Dave MacLeod (intrepid guide) using a mirror to signal for beer and sandwiches
Toby Driver (centre) insisting that we are ‘here’ while Michael Doneus (illustrious AARG webmaster) spits in disbelief. Anthony Crawshaw snoozes peacefully
Zbigniew Kobylinski, Chief Inspector of Polish Archaeological Heritage, contemplates Yorkshire humps and bumps
Martin Gojda and Jacek Nowakowski looking for crop marks (or spying for Europe?)
Waiting for the rain
Pete and others
Beautiful landscape
AARG98 went by coach to the Yorkshire Dales
Limestone country
We were told that many of the Dales archaeological sites, such as this cairn, suffer damage and erosion from hikers ...
... and AARG field trippers
And the weather was mostly good