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AARGnews 53 - Contents


Editorial 4

AARG Chair Piece: September 2016 by Rachel Opitz 7

Student/young researchers’ scholarships for AARG 2016 9

AARG notices: 10
Derrick Riley Bursary
Information for contributors

Finding common ground: human and computer vision in archaeological prospection by Arianna Traviglia, Dave Cowley and Karsten Lambers 11

Automated detection in remote sensing archaeology: a reading list by Karsten Lambers and Arianna Traviglia 25

The archaeological potential of declassified HEXAGON KH‐9 panoramic camera satellite photographs by Martin J. F Fowler 30

Hillshades and High Drama by Rebecca Bennett 37

Cropmarks 40

“A set of old wives’ tales”: When Nadar was a photographer. Review article by Martyn Barber 43

Recovering lost landscapes. Review article by Ioana Oltean 47

Books of interest? 49
Efstratios Stylianidis and Fabio Remondino (ed), 2016. 3D Recording, Documentation and Management of Cultural Heritage.
Birger Stichelbaut and David Cowley (ed), 2016. Conflict Landscapes and Archaeology from Above.
Dimitris Kaimaris and Petros Patias, 2015. Systematic observation of the change of marks of known buried archaeological structures: case study in the Plain of Philippi, Eastern Macedonia, Greece.
W. Ostrowski and K. Hanus, 2016. Budget UAV systems for the prospection of small and medium‐scale archaeological sites.
Evans, D., Airborne laser scanning as a method for exploring long‐term socio‐ecological dynamics in Cambodia.
Archaeological Prospection 2016: list of ‘aerial’ papers

AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student scholarships 52