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AARGnews 55 - Contents


Editorial 3

Outgoing Chairpiece: by Rachel Opitz 7

Incoming Chairpiece: by Steve Davis 8

Preliminary notice: AARG 2018, Venice 10

Student/young researchers’ scholarships for AARG 2018 10

AARG notices:
Derrick Riley Bursary 11
Information for contributors

Geert’s aerial pixel corner by Geert Verhoeven 12

The reflection of two fields – electromagnetic radiation and its role in (aerial) imaging by Geert Verhoeven 13

Developing an approach to national mapping – preliminary work on Scotland in miniature by Dave Cowley and Adara López-López 19

Cropmarks 26

Books and papers of interest? 29

AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student scholarships 34

A selection of posters from AARG 2017: 35

Manuel Fernández‐Götz, Felix Teichner and Christoph Salzmann. Digital Elevation Modelling and Geophysical Surveys at the Roman Camps of Ardoch(Scotland)

Vasiliki Lysandrou and Athos Agapiou. An aerial investigation of the eastern necropolis of Nea Paphos, Cyprus

Stefania Michalopoulou. The Role of Agriculture and Pastoralism for the Cultural Formation of the Mountainous Landscape of Siteia Area, Crete (Greece): a view from the sky

Charles Moriarty. Deploying multispectral remote sensing for multitemporal analysis of archaeological crop stress at Ravenshall, Fife, Scotland

Gerald Raab and Ronny Weßling. The Iron Age hillfort settlement of Vix – Comparing historical DEMs

Manuel Fernández‐Götz, JesúsGarcíaSánchez, José Costa García, Joao Fonteand and Felix Teichner. Aerial Archaeology at Sasamón(Burgos, Spain): Iron Age Hillfort and Roman Camps

Agnes Schneider. A semi‐automatic workflow for the supervised detection of anthropogenic objects in archaeological analysis using GIS APIs and R

CHERISH series:
1 Introduction and objectives
2 Corns, A., et. al. Aerial archaeology: core to the CHERISH project
3 Corns, A., Devlin, G. and Shaw, R. Monitoring heritage in the coastal zone case study: Skellig Michael, Ireland

Lenka Starková, Karel Nováček and Miroslav Melčák. Interactive map of the historical heritage of Mosul

Máté Szabó. Revealing invisible crop marks by DSM relief‐visualisation