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Editorial 2

Photo Offerings 4

Chairman’s Piece by Wlodek Raczkowski 5

AARG 2010, Bucharest – info and call for papers 9

ArchaeoLandscapes Europe: a new European project for aerial archaeology, remote sensing and landscape conservation by Chris Musson (Development Officer, AARG) 10

The DART project: Developing the roadmap for archaeological remote sensing in the 21st century by Anthony Beck 15

‘Gone with the Wind’ Aerial Photography of Bâtiment Pi, Malia, Crete (Bronze Age) by Christophe Gaston, Thibaut Gomrée, Maia Pomadère 17

Ultima Thule – recent aerial survey of Orkney, Scotland by Dave Cowley 25

Information, adverts, etc 36

Cropmarks 37

Books of interest? 38

  • Birger Stichelbaut. World War One aerial photography: an archaeological perspective.
  • Martin Fowler. Corona mission declassified.
  • Colin Haselgrove (ed). The Traprain Law Environs Project: fieldwork and excavations, 2000-2004.
  • T.A. Warner, M.D. Nellis and G.M. Foody. The SAGE Handbook of Remote Sensing.

AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 39

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