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Editorial 2

Chairman’s Piece 4

AARG 2011. Call for papers, dates and information 9

AARG 2010 Conference, Bucharest, Romania
by Rob Fry, David Stott, Laura Pring and Dan Boddice 10

Archaeological remote sensing and geophysics: Munster 2010:
Conference review by Johanna Dreßler 12

New legs for a long-term pursuit by Chris Musson,
for the ArchaeoLandscapes Europe Project (ArcLAND) 16

Aerial archaeological substantiation of a Roman cadastre system’s
predictive model by András Bödocs 20
An EPPIC Odyssey into Aerial Archaeology by Tara-Jane Sutcliffe 29

Information, conference, summer schools, workshop 34

Cropmarks 37

Book Review by Irwin Scollar
Neubauer et al, Mittelneolithische Kreisgrabenanlagen in Niederösterreich 39

Books of interest? 41

  • Ian Roberts with Alison Deegan and David Berg. Understanding the Cropmark
    Landscapes of the Magnesian Limestone.
  • Klára Kuzmová (ed). Klasická archeológia a exaktné vedy, výskumné metódy
    a techniky II. 2. (Ivan Kuzma) Letecká archeológia
  • Rebecca M Bailey, James Crawford and Alan Williams. Above Scotland Cities
  • David Kennedy and M.C. Bishop. Google Earth and the Archaeology of Saudi
    Arabia: a case study from the Jeddah area
  • David C Cowley (ed.). Remote Sensing for Archaeological Heritage Management
  • Stephen Trow, Vincent Holyoak and Emmet Byrnes (eds.). Heritage Management
    of Farmed and Forested Landscapes in Europe
  • Jörg Bofinger and Dirk Krausse (eds). Aktuelle Forschungen zu den Kelten in Europa:
    Festkolloquium für Landeskonservator Jörg Biel
  • The London Journal: a themed issue containing some papers given at a seminar
    called Eyes Over London: Re-imagining the Metropolis in the Age of Aerial Vision
    EH NMP Reports
  • Martin Gojda (ed). Studie k Dálkovému Pruzkumu v Archeologii
  • Ali Madan Al-Ali. Spatial analysis about the archaeological sites in Wadi Alghayran
    of the Rub’ Al-Khali desert

AARG: general information, membership, addresses, student bursaries 44

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