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Editorial 3
Chairman’s Piece: an Italian Adventure by Chris Musson 4
Using the Microlight Aircraft for Archaeological Air Photography by Ben Robinson 6
Is your Negative File PVC ? by Anthony Crawshaw 9
Reconnaissance and Post-reconnaissance in Ireland: 1989 and 1990 – 10
Continued Aerial Vomits: responses and suggestions by Chris Cox 12
Unterstammheim-Äpelhusen, a Deserted Village in the Northern part of the Canton of Zurich: first results of our aerial photography project by Patrick Nagy 15
Developer Funded Aerial Archaeology: the north west ethylene pipeline by Chris Cox 24
Information Page: 1) Crop Circles, 2) Amiens 1992, 3) Air Reconnaissance in Roman Britain 1985-90 – 29
Starfish Sites by Anthony Crawshaw 30
Wartime Map References by Anthony Crawshaw 31
Approaches to Classification by Rog Palmer 32
The Purpose of Crop Mark Analysis by Richard Hingley 38
Towards ‘Understanding’: the next steps? by J N Hampton 44


H C Bowen, The Archaeology of Bokerley Dyke …. 48
Ch. Leva (ed), Aerial Photography and Geophysical Prospecting in Archaeology 49
List of Contributors 50
Notes for Contributors 51

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