Aerial Archaeology - Reading list

Reading list: (revised March 2013)


* Written in English, this web site covers the basics of aerial survey and ALS and shows uses of these in landscape archaeology.

*Renfrew, C. and Bahn, P., 2012. Archaeology: theories, methods and practice (6th edition). Thames and Hudson: London. (‘Aerial Survey’, p78-87)

Photo reading examples

*Wilson, D.R., 2000. Air Photo Interpretation for Archaeologists. Tempus, Stroud.

Informative stuff

* Topics of interest may be found in the Capture, Interpret and Case Studies pages.

*Brophy, K. and Cowley, D. (ed), 2005. From The Air: Understanding Aerial Archaeology. Tempus, Stroud.

*AARGnews (the newsletter of the Aerial Archaeology Research Group). AARG members have free access to pdf copies of all past issues, non-members can get all but the most recent issues.

Using archival images

*David C. Cowley, Robin A. Standring, and Matthew J. Abicht (ed), 2010. Landscapes through the Lens: Aerial Photographs and Historic Environment. Oxbow: Oxford.

*Hanson, W.S and Oltean, I.A.(ed), 2013. Archaeology from Historical Aerial and Satellite Archives. Springer: New York. (e-book:

ALS (lidar)

*Crutchley, S. and Crow, P., 2009. The Light Fantastic: using airborne laser scanning in archaeological survey. Swindon: English Heritage. [free pdf download:]

*Rachel Opitz and Dave Cowley (ed), 2013. Interpreting Archaeological Topography: 3D data, visualisation and observation. Oxbow, Oxford.

Uses of satellite images

*Comer, D.C. and Harrower, M.J. (ed), 2013. Mapping Archaeological Landscapes from Space. Springer: New York.

Education in Aerial Remote Sensing for Archaeology

The publication on Education in Aerial Remote Sensing for Archaeology is available for free download in our new section “Occasional Papers”.

Documentary film "Flights into the Past" - view online

Martin Gojda and his team has recently placed the 2004 – 2007 Culture 2000 project (European Landcapes: Past, Present and Future) documentary film “Flights into the Past” online:

Available in both Czech and English versions.

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