Northamptonshire National Mapping Programme project published

The results of the Northamptonshire National Mapping Programme project have recently been published. Fittingly, as this was the first NMP project to be undertaken in an entirely digital environment, the results are being made available online. The publication includes a lavishly illustrated monograph Mapping Ancient Landscapes in Northamptonshire by Alison Deegan and Glenn Foard, available as a print on demand volume in traditional paper format (RRP a very reasonable £40) or as pdf downloads from the English Heritage web site. Additionally all the mapping and records, along with some of the photographs used, are available on an interactive web site as part of the Archaeology Data Service.

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New Books

The PhD thesis of Karsten Lambers on the photogrammetric documentation and archaeological analysis of the Nasca geoglyphs of Palpa, Ica, Peru has recently been published. You can find more information about the book, its content and how to order on the publisher*s website:
Please note that there is a special introductory offer valid until the end of May.

For further information on the Nasca-Palpa project please visit the following websites: – of the German Archaeological Institute: – of ETH Zurich: – further papers for download:

From the Air

AP&A 2003
100 years ago, on December 17th 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright made the first sustained, controlled flight in a powered aircraft. In December 2003 some 100 aerial archaeologists from many European countries met in Ghent to discuss different themes of aerial archaeological photography :History of aerial archaeology; Aerial photography, satellites and remote sensing; New discoveries and research in aerial photography. The papersof this conference are now available. More than 30 contributions concern research in Belgium, China, the Czech Republic, England, Flanders, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Poland, Scotland, Siberia, Slovakia, Spain and Wales.

Bourgeois Jean & Meganck Marc (eds), /Aerial Photography and Archaeology 2003. A Century of Information,/ Academia Press, Gent, 2005, 412 pp. (Archaeological Reports Ghent University, 4) For more inforamtion, see
Aerial Photography and Archaeology 2003

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