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Editorial 3

Chairman’s Piece: The contribution of aerial techniques to archaeology by Oscar Aldred 6

AARG 2014, Dublin. First call for papers 8

AARG Vacancies: Chairman, Vice‐Chairman [&] Honorary Secretary; Derrick Riley Bursary; Information for contributors 9

A Farewell to Ivan Kuzma by Martin Gojda 10

Forthcoming: 5th International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology 12

AARG 2013 Debate Session: Touching images: thinking thorough textures by Dimitrij Mlekuž 13

Between the eye and the mind. Technology, cognition and knowledge development – eye‐tracking study report by Tomasz Michalik 24

Workshop project reports: Gradina – detecting variability and diversity by Neda Ocelić, Jasna Jurković,
Natalija Miklavčič, Iva Perković, Suzana Puhar 35

Can you catch a shepherd from an airplane? Interpreting aerial photographs of Bukovica
by Filomena Sirovica, Mario Bodružić, Ivan Huljev, Iva Perinić and Ante Purušić 44

Workshop reports: From point cloud to Local Relief Model: a report and case study from the “LiDAR – innovative technology for archaeology” training school in Poznań, Poland by Mikołaj Kostyrko 51

“In one week learn how to prepare and fly your drone to survey in 3D your Cultural Heritage” by Nina Heiska 58

Cropmarks 62

Books of interest? 63

  • Martin Gojda and Jan John (eds). 2013. Archeologie a letecké laserové skenování krajiny (Archaeology and airborne laser scanning of the landscape).

  • Sándor Berecki, Zoltán Czajlik, László Rupnik, 2013. Aerial archaeological prospection on the middle course of the Mureş river and adjacent areas.

  • Chris Musson. 2013. Radnorshire from Above: images of landscape and archaeology.

  • C. Corsi et al. (eds.). 2013. Good Practice in Archaeological Diagnostics: non‐invasive Survey of Complex Archaeological Sites.

  • Jared Schuettera, et al. 2013. Autodetection of ancient Arabian tombs in high‐resolution satellite imagery.

  • A Celebration of 50 years of The British Cartographic Society. 2013.

  • The Buildings Book 2014 (by The Geoinformation Group).

  • Hans Kamermans et al. (eds). 2014. A Sense of the Past: Studies in current archaeological applications of remote sensing and non‐invasive prospection methods.

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Editorial 3

Chairman’s Piece by Oscar Aldred 6

Anniversary Reflections from a Founder Member by Cathy Stoertz 8

Non-invasive Archaeological Training School in Pécs, Hungary: Remote sensing from sky and ground by Mikolaj Kostyrko and Adam Loks 13

Traces of the Past Exhibition Opens in Dublin by Rob Shaw 17

Google Earth: Improving Mapping Accuracy by Irwin Scollar 19

4G (GeoSetter, GoogleEarth, Geoportal, GIS): or a new dimension in the use of spatial data by Lidka Zuk 28

Stereo photography for airborne observers by Rog Palmer 39

Roger Agache 1926 – 2011 by Irwin Scollar 45

Forthcoming workshop; Information for AARGnews contributors 48

Cropmarks 49

Books of interest? 53
*Rachel Opitz and Steve Davis. What Next? Aerial Archaeology as Landscape Archaeology.
*Roland Linck. Analysis of Umayyad desert fortresses in the Near East by Declassified CORONA satellite images.
*Archaeological Prospection Vol 20, Issue 2 (April/June 2013)
*Blog of interest?

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Editorial 3

Chairman’s Piece by Oscar Aldred 6

AARG 2013, Amersfoort 9

Interpreting Archaeological Topography: blurb + ordering information 10

YAARG – an open working party of AARG by Johanna Dreßler and Oscar Aldred 12

Forthcoming conference; Workshop; Information for contributors 14

Aerial Archaeology Workshop in Doha, Qatar: February 10-14 2013 by Bob Bewley, David Kennedy and Wlodek Raczkowski 15

What do you see here? Review of Archaeology from Aerial Photographs, an International Workshop at Bamberg, Germany by Marko Barišic and Alexander Veling 19

53 years of technical progress in aerial archaeology 1960-2013: a cursus at Karden Kreis Cochem, Germany by Irwin Scollar and Otto Braasch 22

A geoarchaeologist’s view of aerial archaeology by David Jordan 29

Integrating magnetometer surveys and oblique aerial photographs by Jörg Fassbinder 37

Musings on a past and future for AARG? by Rog Palmer 42

Cropmarks 50

Review article (Roman Camps in Scotland) by Toby Driver 52

Books of interest? 55
*Rebecca Bennett. Archaeological remote sensing: visualisation and analysis of grass-dominated environments using airborne laser scanning and digital spectral data. (PhD Thesis)
*Martin Gojda and Martin Trefny (ed). Archeologie Krajiny pod Rípem (Archaeology in the Landscape around the Hill of Ríp)
*Michael Doneus, Christian Gugl and Nives Doneus, 2013. Die Canabae von Carnuntum – eine Modellstudie der Erforschung römischer Lagervorstädte Von der Luftbildprospektion zur siedlungsarchäologischen Synthese
*Lis Helles Olesen and Kira Jørstad Klinkby. Fredede fortidsminder fra luften: muligheder for registrering fra luften
*Hanson, W.S and Oltean, I.A. (ed). Archaeology from Historical Aerial and Satellite Archives
*Comer, D.C. and Harrower, M.J. (ed). Mapping Archaeological Landscapes from Space
*Alexandra Cordier. Archéologie aérienne en Côte-d’Or en 2011: les aléas d’une sécheresse précoce.
*Revue Archéologique de l’Est, t.61 (2012), 371-383
*Plus shorter notices….

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