Astrodynamic Seminar SS 2007

Beginn: 17:30

Date   speaker   theme   comments
08.03.2007   R. Schwarz   Trojaner in extrasolaren Planetensystemen   no comment
15.03.2007   C. Lhotka   Das Nekhoroshev Theorem - Auswirkungen auf die Trojaner   no comment
22.03.2007   E. Pilat-Lohinger   Extrasolare Planeten in Doppelsternsystemen   no comment
19.04.2007   C. Efthymiopoulos   What can we learn from Nekhoroshev theorem about the stability of orbits in a dynamical system?   Nachsitzung
26.04.2007   E. Meletlidou   The horseshoe-map   Nachsitzung
03.05.2007   F. Herzele, D. Huber   Stability study of Venus - Earth mean motion resonances   no comment
10.05.2007   M. Robnik   Exact analysis of the adiabatic invariants in time-dependent harmonic oscillator   no comment
24.05.2007   J. Feige   Inverse Probleme der Dynamik   no comment
31.05.2007   B. Erdi   Secondary resonances of co-orbital motions in exoplanetary systems   no comment