Astrodynamic Seminar SS 2010

Beginn: 17:30

Date   speaker   theme   comments
11.03.2010   B. Funk   Ultra compact close-in planetary systems   Nachsitzung
18.03.2010   R. Dvorak   Das drei Trojaner Problem  
25.03.2010   R. Schwarz   Lifesupportng zone as a generalization of the habitable zone  
15.04.2010   J. Klacka   Galactic tides and the Ort Cloud  
22.04.2010   H. Skokos   The GALI - a tool for detecting chaos   Nachsitzung
29.04.2010   M. Galiazzo   Photometry of minor bodies in the outer Solar system  
06.05.2010   P. Robutel   An analytical description of the rotation of co-orbital moons of Saturn Janus and Epimetheus   Nachsitzung
20.05.2010   N. Haghighipour   Formation of terrestrial planets around M-Stars  
27.05.2010   C. Burger   Haar Wavelets als Einfuehrung in die Wavelet Analyse  
10.06.2010   A. Giorgilli   KAM-THEOREM   Nachsitzung
17.06.2010   E. Tschurtschenthaler, B. Baumann   Stability of Terrestrial Planets in the Solar System with a more massive Mars Transit timing effects due to an Exo-moon  
24.06.2010   M. Gyergyovits   Implementing a non - reflecting boundary condition