Research Topics of the FWF Project P19569

  • The application of the resonance crossing mechanism to extra-solar planetary systems, that are similar to the Jupiter-Saturn configuration of the Solar System and an analysis of the influence on the orbital stability of terrestrial-like planets in the habitable zone.

  • The influence of an accompanying star on the motion of Earth-like planets in the habitable zone of a main-sequence star - based on a stability study of planetary motion in the binary HD4100AB. Such stellar perturbation on this region can be recognized by the appearance of secular resonances, depending on (i) the distance between the HD41004 B and a giant planet outside the habitable zone, (ii) the masses, (iii) the eccentricities.

  • The influence of close-in planets on habitable zones of K- and M-star (assumed that the inward migration has not fully destroyed this region, or terrestrial-like planets have migrated to this region afterwards).

  • A data-base for planetary motion around one stellar component in a double star systems, which will be very helpful for future observations, to verify if a planet in a double star system is in the stable zone or not.