VERA on Demand

VERA on Demand makes it possible to re-compute VERAflex analyses upon request. The result images are made available on the web. Please request analyses by using the request form. The requests are processed in the order we receive them. There is no guarantee for completion on a specific date, a complete analysis for one timestamp lasts approx. 12 minutes (reference value).

You get notified by e-mail if your request was accepted or declined. You also receive a notification after the analysis did start. After completion and availability of the archive you are notified again. Data is available here in the Results section and can be downloaded there (password protected). All files there are deleted automatically 14 days after their creation.

Incomplete requests are not processed. Please note that the processing of your request may take some time. We may get in touch with you to clarify details and asking for the purpose you want to use the results for before starting to process your request. Computational expensive requests are declined or may require prior authorization from the workgroup head Prof. Steinacker.

It is only possible to process requests for timestamps that lie more than two weeks in the past or grid data. Other result images are available anyway on the VERAflex website