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Emerging Field Oxidative Stress and DNA Stability

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Tamara Haider  

Tamara Haider, Mag.

Scientific employee, project assistant, PhD-student, 
Quality and Environmental Manger

Research Area/Project:
Nutrition ecology / A healthy diet and sustainability

Short description:
Born in 1979, Tamara Haider studied Nutritional Sciences at the University of Vienna (Austria) between 1998 and 2006. During her studies she gathered work experience in a lab at the former “Bundesanstalt für Milchforschung in Kiel (Germany, 2002) and as assistant in the Food Testing and Research Institute Vienna (LVA; 2004-2006). In cooperation with the LVA and under the lead of ao. Prof. Wagner she wrote her final paper about the International Food Standard, which is a very popular food safety standard in the food industry. 

After graduation Tamara changed to the catering company DO & CO and was in charge of food safety and hygiene at the International Event Catering division. During that time she was able to work all over the world, e.g. following the Formula I. Additionally Tamara passed the course for Quality System Managers.

Autumn 2008 Tamara took up a job as Quality and Environmental Manager at the catering company SV Österreich (www.sv-group.at) and almost at the same time she got employed at the University of Vienna, Department of Nutritional Sciences as a project assistant and PhD-student within the FWF-Austrian Science Fund, PROVISION, Project “A healthy diet and sustainability” ( HYPERLINK "http://www.iwag.tuwien.ac.at/page2000.aspx" www.iwag.tuwien.ac.at/page2000.aspx.). The project is based on the hypothesis that a "healthy" diet for the population is a significant key to sustainable agriculture. The central question that is dealt with is: "Which synergies are possible between health, quality of life and sustainability?" The connection between global changes, climate changes and agriculture with health and the quality of life is shown.

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