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Fourth Announcement of Opportunity

Deadline of submission is September 15, 2008

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Maximum of 1 page for curriculum vitae of proposer (if deemed to be necessary), description of the team and distribution of tasks.

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Target information

If your targets will be identified during ongoing ground based observations or selected after the first data has been recieved from the exofield observations, please indicate which of the COROT pointings (Center / Anticenter) is relevant for your proposal, otherwise skip "Corot pointing" and continue with "Star name".

Corot pointing

If the proposed target list consists of individual stars, please enter in the following 4 lines the star with the highest priority. Give a full list of the remaining targets in the field "Other relevant information" together with a priority ranking for each target.

If you propose to observe a group of stars or a cluster, please enter in the following 4 lines the most prominent star and describe the ensemble in the field "Other relevant information".

Star name if available
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Ground based activities

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