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My successful research project has finally ended on October 19, 2016. My current research will be financed by my START-prize, sponsored by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). This prize is the austrian equivalent of an ERC-Starting Grant.

Recently (IV)

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A new preprint of mine is now online. In these short notes, entitled Rationality for isobaric automorphic representations: The general case“, I prove an extension of the main rationality result for ciritical values of Rankin-Selberg \(L\)-functions \(L(s,\Pi\times\Pi’)\) of section 3 in my paper with M. Harris. This extension concerns two major ingredients: Firstly, I generalize the ground-fields \(F\) from imaginary quadratic fields to arbitrary CM-fields; and secondly, I enlarge the realm of automorphic representations \(\Pi’\) from “abelian automorphic” representations (i.e., isobaric sums of Hecke characters) to arbitrary isobaric sums of unitary cuspidal automorphic representations. (These notes shall appear as an appendix to a forthcoming paper of J. Lin.)

Recently (III)

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My paper with M. Harris and E. Lapid “Whittaker rational structures and special values of the Asai L-function” is now to appear in Contemp. Math.

Recently (II)

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My paper with M. Harris, “Whittaker periods, motivic periods, and special values of tensor product L-functions” is now to appear in J. Inst. Math. Jussieu.

Furthermore, another preprint of mine (with an appendix of N. Matringe) went online. It is entitled “A rationality result for the exterior and the symmetric square L-function” and submitted for publication.

In October 2014, I was habilitated at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna, Austria.

Recently (I)

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Some updates have been made: E.g., my paper “A cohomological injectivity result for the residual automorphic spectrum of GL(n)” has meanwhile appeared in the Pacific J. Math. and my paper “A note on the arithmetic of residual automorphic representations of reductive groups” is now in print.

Moreover, Michael Harris, Erez Lapid and I have written a joint article “Whittaker rational structures and special values of the Asai L-function”, which is now available online via the according link in Project Publications.


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This is the webpage of the FWF Research Project, “Automorphic forms, periods and L-values”,  P 25974.
Contents will grow as time evolves.