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World Prison Map

last updated Oct 01, 2013

The freedom of personal liberty belongs to the most fundamental aspects of individual autonomy and therefore to the most essential issues in the field of human rights. The deprivation of liberty leads to special circumstances under which detainees are particularly vulnerable. Thus, prison facilities and conditions of detention deserve special attention since detainees in many countries around the world are frequently exposed to unacceptable conditions such as poor standards of hygiene, the denial of basic needs and overcrowding.

This map provides a concise visual overview of various statistical facts on the situation of detention around the world. Both by using a user-friendly interface and colour gradation, the map facilitates the interpretation of the given information. The map not only offers data of individual countries but also allows comparisons between a user-specified range.

Currently available statistics of 2015 are:

Occupancy level (based on official capacity)

Prison population rate (per 100,000 of national population)

Pre-trial detainees rate worldwide (percentage of prison population)

Prison population totals

Female prisoners (percentage the prison population)

Foreign prisoners (percentage the prison population)

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The map is based on statistical material provided by the International Centre for Prison Studies at the King’s College London.