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Country Situations Mar 04, 2014

Austria: Four cases of sexual abuse in juvenile detention centres since January

News Jul 10, 2013 - According to an article in the Standard, three more cases of sexual abuse in juvenile detention centres emerged, following the rape case of

Austria: Inhuman conditions of detention in juvenile detention centers

News Jul 01, 2013 - After a 14-year old detainee has been raped by three cell mates in a juvenile detention centre a discussion about inhuman conditions of

Austria Cage beds in psychiatric institutions are still very common

News Apr 30, 2013 - There is an east-west-divide in Austria about the usage of such beds in psychiatric institutions. Whereas in the east it is very common,

Austria: Ratification of OPCAT and new provision on torture

News Dec 11, 2012 - Austria has made two important steps in the field of torture prevention and criminalisation. On 4 December 2012, Austria ratified the Optional Protocol

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