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Country Situations Mar 04, 2014

Bahrain: Children detained routinely by security forces

News Sep 24, 2013 - Bahrain is state party of the Convention on the Rights of the Child which requires governments to protect children from torture and other

Bahrain: Children detained in adult prisons

News Jun 05, 2013 - Jehad Sadeq Aziz Salman and Ebrahim Ahmed Radi al-Moqdad, two Bahraini juveniles at the age of 16 and 17, were held in Dry

Bahrain: Activists allege torture in police custody

News May 23, 2013 - Human rights activists, in separate cases, are claiming to have been tortured after being detained for protesting against the Formula 1 grand prix

Bahrain: UNSRT visit canceled by the government

News Apr 25, 2013 - The United Special Rapporteur on Torture (UNSRT), Juan E. Méndez, announced that the government of Bahrain postponed his visit (which should take place

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