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Country Situations Mar 04, 2014

UK/Kenya: 14m compensation for Mau Mau torture victims

News Jun 06, 2013 - The British government will offer compensation over 14m ($ 20m) to victims who suffered castration, rape and beatings while in detention during a

Kenya: Refugees at the risk of torture

News May 29, 2013 - Today, Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report based on interviews with refugees, asylum seekers and Kenyans of Somali ethnicity. The report documents

UK/Kenya: Mau Mau torture victims negotiating payments with the British government

News May 07, 2013 - The British government has started to negotiate compensation payments for thousands of Kenyans who were deprived of their liberty and allegedly tortured during

UK/Kenya: Kenyans can sue British government over torture

News Oct 08, 2012 - The High Court has ruled that three Kenyans are permitted to claim damages from the British government for suffering what their lawyers described

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