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Philippines: Fight against the impunity of security forces

News Aug 19, 2014 - In 2011, former Major General Jovito Palparan was indicted for torture, abduction and enforced disappearances and has now been arrested in Philippines’ capital

United States: CIA accused to have lied about severity of torture methods and their effectiveness

News Apr 03, 2014 - A report by the Senate Intelligence Committee which is responsible for the monitoring of the United States Intelligence Community accuses the Central Intelligence

Equatorial Guinea

Country Situations Mar 04, 2014


Country Situations Jan 21, 2014

China: Detained Chinese official died allegedly due to waterboarding

News Sep 06, 2013 - A state-run newspaper reported on the death of the 42-year-old Yu Qiyi who died on the 9th April this year, allegedly due

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Atlas of Torture Project

Final Comparative Report published