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Bahrain: Allegedly tortured doctors tried for aiding protesters

last updated Jun 21, 2011

Around 20 doctors have been detained and brought before a military court where they face charges for taking part in anti-government protests. They are accused of using the countryís biggest hospital as a base for overthrowing the government. According to human rights groups, medical staff members and the defendantís families the doctors have been tortured to extract confessions.

Thousands of demonstrators in Sar, Bahrain
Thousands of demonstrators in Sar, Bahrain; Source: Wikimedia Commons

Reports from Physicians for Human Rights, Human Rights Watch and Doctors Without Borders conclude that security forces stormed the hospital and beat doctors and demonstrators. They also believe that the doctors are tried because they provided medical treatment to protesters. Officials deny the reports and claim that they found arms and ammunition in the hospital.

Anti-government protests in Bahrain erupted after the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. The country is ruled by a Sunni royal family while the majority of the population are Shiite Muslims. Since the beginning of the protests 30 people have been killed during protests and more than 1,000 were arrested.

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