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India: Probe into death of Mumbai blast suspect

last updated Jul 19, 2011

The Mumbai police have launched an investigation into the death of 42-year-old Faiz Usmani who died after being interrogated in connection with the serial bomb blasts of 13 July. Usmani, the elder brother of alleged Indian Mujahideen (IM) member Azfal Usmani, was picked up by the police on Saturday afternoon and allegedly complained of stomach ache within 20 minutes. He was brought to a hospital where he died of brain haemorraghe and a heart attack, according to the examining doctors.

13 July 2011 Mumbai bombings
13 July 2011 Mumbai bombings; Source: Karthik Nadar (Wikimedia Commons)

Relatives of Usmani claim that he was subjected to torture which eventually led to his death. A neighbouring doctor of Faiz Usmaniís wife said that the blood clotting in the brain could have been triggered by hanging someone upside down for a while. A police spokesman has denied the accusations. Police investigators will include security camera footage and forensic evidence into their probe, according to media reports.

On 13 July, three blasts hit the city of Mumbai and killed 19 people and injured dozens.

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