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USA/Europe: CoE demands probe of CIA “black sites”

last updated Sep 06, 2011

Thomas Hammarberg, human rights commissioner for the Council of Europe (CoE), has called upon several European countries to investigate their role in the CIA’s program of secret detention. The CIA ran several “black sites” in Poland, Romania and Lithuania for the interrogation of terrorism suspects and was allegedly granted permission to carry out rendition flights by fourteen European countries.

Council of Europe
Council of Europe; Source: Wikimedia Commons

Hammarberg said that “CIA rendition, detention and interrogation practices gave rise to the most serious categories of human rights violations on European soil”. The United States are accused of using interrogation techniques such as nudity, extended sleep deprivation, slapping and waterboarding. Many of these practices amount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Poland and Lithuania have launched investigations into the matter but procedures have proved to be inefficient and slow. Romania has shown “little genuine will to uncover the whole truth”, according to Hammarberg. None of the involved states or the CIA has responded to the demands of the CoE.

The statement of the human rights chief of the CoE comes shortly before the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and after new documents on rendition practices of the CIA were found during the armed conflict in Libya.

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