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Bahrain: Convicted medics report torture in custody

last updated Oct 25, 2011

The doctors and nurses who have been convicted by a military court to sentences ranging from five to 15 years for allegedly supporting anti-government protesters, have reportedly been tortured and abused in detention. They also claim that their rights to a fair trial have been severely violated.

The human rights organisation Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called upon the High Court of Appeals to reverse the convictions on 23 October, when the case will be heard by the highest judicial institution. HRW also urged the prosecutors to launch a new trial in case of possible criminal activity in which the rights of the defendants are properly respected and allegedly coerced confessions are disallowed.

The allegations of torture in custody were reported to HRW during interviews with the medical staff. They said that they were physiologically and psychologically pressured by interrogators, held incommunicado and were prohibited to contact legal counsel. Other allegations include abuses with electric devices and threats of rape.

HRW: Bahrain: Medics Describe Torture in Detention

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